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Gastronomy in Croatia : Croatian cuisine, Croatian recipes


Cuisine hidden wealth of tradition of taste. Typical meals for the interior of the peninsula are based on meat and pasta, while meals of coastal area brings you freshness of sea by offering fish and seafood dishe. The restaurants serves local dishes such as truffles with steak, smoked ham, goat cheese, wild boar with pasta, gazpacho of raw fish and seafood caught daily, and fantastic local wines like the Terrano, Malvasia, etc. Be sure to try the traditional soup, which is prepared from red wine in the earthen jar with a little pepper, sugar, olive oil and a slice of toasted bread. Truffle that grows in the fertile soil is a rare and expensive mushrooms, a real culinary treat, and attributed it an aphrodisiac. Istrian white truffle is one of the most respected in the world.

Shopska Salad

Mix even quantities of chopped ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Add grated feta cheese. Dress with vegetable oil and vinegar.

Croatian wines

Croatia has a long history of wine making. In the last ten years, the production has been oriented towards quality.

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