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Croatian language is difficult to many, and people often feel as if they are saying tongue twisters when trying to pronounce a few nice words in Croatian.

However, if you decide to travel around Croatia, it is useful to know a few words. In any case, you don't need too many. If you know how to thank someone (in Croatian: hvala), or know how to order a bottle of beer (in Croatian: piva) and say cheers (in Croatian: živjeli), the locals will like you and all future communication will simply roll on without hiccups, no matter what language you speak.


Hello Bok
Yes Da
No Ne
Please Molim
Thank you Hvala
You’re welcome Nema na čemu
Excuse me, sorry Oprostite
My name is... Zovem se...
What is your name? Vaše ime?
Pleased to meet you. Drago mi je.
Do you speak English? Govorite li engleski?
I do not speak Croatian. Ne govorim hrvatski.
I understand./I do not understand. Razumijem./Ne razumijem.
Where is the…? Gdje je…?
Help Pomoć
Can you help me? Možete li mi pomoći?
Beer Piva
Wine Vino
Rakia Rakija
Coffee Kava
Restaurant Restoran
Coffee bar Kafić


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